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Denise Paquette


Born in Montreal in 1928, Denise Paquette became inspired by artists and musicians by whom she was surrounded in her formative years. She turned to music herself, as pianist, becoming an associate of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto in 1963, and a bachelor of Music Education, in Alberta, in 1973. It was not until retirement from teaching, in l986, that Denise took to art. Denise joined AHA in 1994 and at one point served for three years as president of the Club.


Her inspiration in the early days came from reading about masters, Monet, Turner, Van Gogh, particularly for their bold choice of color. Denise’s early works focused upon the figurative. These days, however, are abstract acrylic. This is where, she feels, she found her niche.


Abstract painting allows the artist to give us a glimpse into their inner sources, their feelings, their intuition, their imagination. It is free of boundaries, and Denise Paquette has embraced that freedom to bring us bold, striking forms, and space within the canvas.


She is also a sculpter. You can see one ‘in the flesh’ as it was purchased by the Government of Quebec and now stands permanently in a rest area in Rivièere Beaudette, at the frontier of Quebec and Ontario.


In addition to frequent local exhibitions in Hudson, Montreal and Ontario, Denise has converted her once bustling aviary, into a gallery for her artwork, where all are welcome.


Solo shows:
– Rigaud 1997 and 2000.
– Community Center Hudson,
– Medical Center, Hudson,


Her paintings are also exhibited in Vancouver, Alberta, Ontario, and in the United States.


You can also enjoy some of her work at different links;


www.Gallerydir.com, Vancouver
www.artisticallyconnected.ca, Toronto,Ont.
www.paintingsilove.com, US




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John joined AHA in June 1998. He has served on various positions within the club; President, Show Convenor, and is currently Program Coordinator. In addition he has contributed by building 14 display boards for the AHA exhibitions, rewrote the by-laws for the Club, and helped organize a few summer fair shows in Hudson Village.

From early childhood, John has delighted in discerning features of his environment which made it particularly attractive to him, thus gravitating toward design and a fulfilling 35-year career as a professional engineer. Along the way, he was busy depicting the world as he saw it, progressing from caricatures and cartooning during school years to a hobby in figurative and abstract experimentation in acrylics while he worked and eventually to a “second career” in oil painting.

Although mainly self-taught, he has also benefited from fine art courses and numerous workshops. Painting alongside artist colleagues, he strives to continually refine his skills in interpreting his chosen subjects. While he feels more expressive painting natural landscapes, he enjoys capturing urban scenes with impact because this requires a range of perception that exceeds the traditional limits of composition, shape, light and colour. His works are in collections across Canada, in the U.S.A., Europe and Australia.

For more information, visit http://www.vazart.ca


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   Since her childhood, Susan Porter has always been creative. She trained as a Chef where she found that the art is found as much on the palate as in the eye. Her children gave her the opportunity to try many different creative projects.

She started painting over 5 years ago when she attended watercolor classes given by another AHA member, Shernya Vininsky-Krause in Rigaud, where she was taught the principals of this difficult medium. This inspired her to paint daily. She joined AHA in 2009.

Susan is a huge fan of Georgia O’Keeffe, which led her to paint in a much larger macro style. This gave Susan the opportunity to push her artistic boundaries into taking up acrylics. She attended classes with Sonia Haberstich, Hudson, QC and more recently with Momoko Allard at the Montreal Visual Arts Centre, both of whom have helped Susan develop her own style in this medium.

You can see more of Susan’s work by visiting her web site.


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Susan Snelgrove joined AHA About 13 years ago. Since then she has been an AHA Show Coordinator and Treasurer; organized various gallery showings for the Association in Hudson at the old Pickering building, the former Legg’s building, Main Road above Village Travel and the old Au Temps Perdu building on Cameron. She is currently the President of the Association.

She has always loved collecting art, so it was a natural progression to join AHA and get actively involved once she discovered, rather late in life, that she could create art versus just buying it. Her medium of choice is oils.

Susan states “I am fiercely supportive of this group of very creative and diverse artists, because I see AHA as a valuable asset to the community, so I am constantly on the look-out for new venues where we, as a group, can display and share our collective talents.”

You can see more of Susan’s artwork on her AHA Gallery page.


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