Wednesday, September 19th, Guest Artist Garry Hamilton gave an art drawing demonstration using as subject none other than our Vice President Raymond Mayer. Event and photos by Jennifer Botsford our Program Coordinator.



murale-portraits-fermieres[1]« Ces femmes de cœur » : Projet de médiation culturelle que j’ai fait avec les fermières de Vaudreuil. Quatre murales de 2 pieds par 6 pieds chacune, qui reflètent les missions des fermières et leurs engagements communautaires. Ces murales sont installées sur leur local. Nous avons également créé une grande mosaïque de boutons (2 pieds par 4 pieds) qui est sur le mur intérieur du local. Vernissage et portes ouvertes ce dimanche 30 septembre à midi au 160, rue des Loisirs Vaudreuil-Dorion.


These women of heart “: Cultural mediation project that I did with the Vaudreuil women farmers. Four murals 2 feet by 6 feet each, which reflect the missions of the farmers and their community commitments. These murals are installed on their premises. We also created a large mosaic of buttons (2 feet by 4 feet) that is on the inside wall of the room. Vernissage, this Sunday, September 30th at noon at 160, rue des Loisirs Vaudreuil-Dorion.

Celine Poirier Vernissage



The  AHA Spring Show was a huge success, selling 33 paintings over the April 20-22 weekend.  Twenty-eight artists exhibited, with 20 of those artist being judged for Best in Show by Monica Brinkman and Pierrette LaBonte.  Both judges agreed it was a tough task, commenting that the artwork on display was simply amazing!  After much deliberation, Mona Turner was awarded Best in Show, with Heather Dubreuil , Gina Haladuick and Shernya Vininsky receiving Honourable Mention.  Friday night’’s Vernissage saw record crowds and the weekend had a steady stream of people, all who agreed that this was AHA’s best show ever!  The newly renovated Community Center showcased all the artwork beautifully, creating, as one patron mentioned, “a total experience…from wonderful works of art to the delicious coffee and squares, all in an atmosphere of friendliness and warmth”.  It just doesn’t get any better than that!


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Peter Krausz, our guest artist from last Wednesday’s meeting gave a slideshow presentation of his work and demonstrated the preparation of egg tempera, showing us how to correctly extract and mix the yolk of an egg with pure pigments.  Fascinating!

Thank you to Elaine Ethier for these photos…..


AHA Spring Show

poster-AHA-expo printemps 2018 final

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An exciting guest artist presentation at our next meeting, Wednesday, March 21st at 7:00 p.m.!

Award winning portrait artist Steven Rosati is nationally recognized for his style and technique that comes down to him from old European masters. He studied art in schools both publicly and privately in Montreal and Toronto. However, he considers his real education to have taken place with endless hours in art museums around the world, where he studied first hand the work of portrait painters from the fifteenth century to the twentieth centuries. Among the many masters whose work continues to inspire him are DaVinci, Van der Weyden, Holbien, Bronzino, Ingres, Bouguereau, Pietro Annigoni, Meredith Frampton and many contemporary portrait artists.

My primary passion in portraiture is to capture the sitter’s likeness, beauty, and spirit. I strive to put life into my portraits and a feeling as if the sitter can step out of the frame. I also work to give the sitter and their family a special museum quality portrait that they will be happy and proud to hang in their homes for future generations to come.

My goal as a portrait artist is to reach the highest level in portraiture and to meet and surpass all expectations from my clients and sitters.

His portraits are in many private and corporate collections.

Steven is a member of the Portrait Society Of Canada and America.